Carolina   SWAMP MUD
Barbeque Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or critter soppin sauce....
no matter how you spell it, it's GOOD eatin!!!
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Available in 20 oz. bottles and 1 gal. jugs
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BIG WOODY RUB ©, BIG WOODY SAUCE ©, and "Ask me about my Big Woody"

shirts and grillin aprons.

Great soppin for pork, chicken, beef and other wild varmints!


The Legend Behind the Swamp Mud

Well, as legend has it, a long time ago, down here in these Carolina swamps, lived a nice young lady who was also a legend in these parts.

That young lady used to fix some of the finest critters and varmints around. Why those Low Country folks would come from near and far to eat her fine swamp cookin. Alligator, Armadillo, Possum, or Wild hog, she had the best soppin sauce around. Yah, the critters she cooked were good, but that soppin sauce was some kinda incredible! When asked how she made that special critter soppin sauce, she would always say “Swamp Mud” was her special ingredient. She had a secret spot, way back in the swamp, where the swamp mud was as sweet as honeydew and molasses.  Well now her youngins are finely letting us in on the secret spot way back in the swamp, and we are sharing this special sauce with you. It has been said that this swamp mud had special magical powers. All we know is that everyone who tries it gets a smile on their face and good things seem to happen!

Get some for yourself and put a smile on your face.

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